So, I've decided to go ahead and do NaNoWriMo again this year. I have an idea for my novel, and I think it's something I can carry on for awhile... or at least, I hope so.

We had the Hallowe'en party on Saturday. I felt bad; I got invited to two other parties, and I wasn't able to go to them. The one I did attend was relatively low-key, but it was fun. A friend of mine attended as a kissing booth, which I told him I was going to steal and wear to the bars if I was single next year on Hallowe'en. I'd have stolen it and gone out on Sunday night, but I had to work.

We were up really late, too -- at least, late for us. Because of the time change, we were all talking in terms of "real time" and "yesterday's time," but the party wrapped up around 3 a.m. -- with the time change. So it felt like 4 to many of us. Apparently a bunch of people had a lot of trouble sleeping in the next day... I know I could have easily gone back to sleep, but I wanted to be awake for at least part of the afternoon, before I had to go to work.

Towards the end of the night, there were a few people running around and beating on each other with foam swords. A, one of those who was doing that, then started doing combinations from karate. I started showing similar punches from boxing (more on that later), and then she held up a pillow for me to punch. After a bit of that, N stood up to take a few punches to the chest (I think someone had suggested it, but I don't quite remember), and then Markuk took a few shots, too. Only a few, however... that was the fun part. I was still pulling my punches somewhat, since I've never punched another person for real, and I didn't want to hurt either of us -- my knuckles, or their chest. Weird evening, weird friends.

So earlier in the day, none of the other participants had shown up for boxing. I had actually been hoping for that, but I hadn't expected that my trainer and I would go ahead and do boxing -- I thought we'd wind up doing just weights or something, and since I wasn't feeling too great, I'd figured it would be easier. Mind you, since I overslept and didn't eat much breakfast, weights would've been bad.

So yeah, we wound up doing over an hour straight of boxing stuff -- punches, skipping, and then even knees and kicks. Side kicks are tough for me, 'cause I have wonky hips, but everything else wasn't too bad. My right and left hooks have improved a lot -- I was getting some really consistently solid punches in yesterday. My upper cut is still fairly lame, though. Maybe next week it'll be better.

What else? I met another Lavalife boy for coffee on Saturday. It went well, we've made tentative plans to go out again to see a movie, most likely. I'm still holding back from any major enthusiasm; at this point, I'm just feeling somewhat worn-down and tired of all the effort.

E and I watched "Saved!" on Friday night. Pretty decent movie, nothing too exceptional, but watchable, for sure.

I seem to have lost my train of thought on this, so I think I'll end here and switch to cross-stitching for a bit. I'm so glad it's dead at work today... I need this. :)

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