Today is a perfect day for lounging in comfy pyjama pants, doing nothing.

Tonight I will write, read, watch television and play video games. I will cross stitch, and my cats will alternately cuddle and annoy me - at their own discretion and choice, of course.

My fish has blown some bubbles in his tank, so he must be happy lately for some reason. I think he misses having a companion - the next time I'm at the pet store and there's more than one fish there, I'll get him someone. Especially if that other fish doesn't look half-dead.

Today my underwear has "sassy" written on it - so it must be so.

Hrm. Controversial comment in order to try to generate comments: I'm glad that they didn't put the feeding tube back into Terry Schiavo. I'm glad she was allowed to die finally.

Also, I believe that Michael Jackson is guilty, and should be locked away.

Finally, the true place of Shawn is locked up in my kitchen, pregnant and a-cookin' my dinnah!

And there is the mother of all spiders on my bedroom ceiling right now. Pictures to follow later -- possibly the before and after images. :P

(And because I couldn't post this right away... I really didn't get all of that done. But I did do some cross-stitching. And I left Thena outside longer than I meant to. I'm a bad mom.)

(Also, anyone know of a good way to get at spider smear off the ceiling? I got most of it off, but there's still kind of a dark spot. Gross. But I love my Swiffer -- without a cloth, it makes the perfect tool to kill the spiders that think they're hiding from me. Hah!)

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