Rough night - had a dream that I think was a sort-of CSI episode; I was kidnapped and raped by someone who had at least one other girl in the same building as I (we ended up in the same room together, with me looking after her), and a girl who was in love with the kidnapper/rapist...

So I was awake for at least a half-hour, barely an hour before my alarm clock was set to go off. So useless. :P

And while I wasn't exactly *worried*, the place was awfully quiet and the cats weren't with me (they probably got fed up with all of my moving around and abandoned me or something), so I was thinking vaguely bad thoughts based on that.

I don't think it helped that I went to bed last night with the bottom half of a migraine/headache that's still vaguely there now, because sleeping off a headache doesn't work for me, 99% of the time, especially if it's one of these migraines. Plus I was feeling kinda urgh from eating too much or something last night.

Today I strive to write in long, runon sentences. :)

Who wants to do my dishes? There aren't that many... no, seriously, there aren't that many.

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