It amazes me sometimes how utterly clueless some people can be. *sigh*

On another note, everyone shares too much information now and again, or bits and pieces of things you don't really need to know. I had to dig up some information on a media issue from our parental organization. The media relations rep I spoke with said it was another agency, so I called them; in speaking with the rep from that agency, he said he was sure it was our parental organization, and he'd call them and get back to me.

He did, and in giving me the name and phone number of the media relations rep dealing with the issue directly, he mentioned that she was his ex-girlfriend, and then said she was really busy, she wasn't answering the phone, but that she'd get back to me and give me the information I needed, etc.

Now, I tend to give more information than is necessary on a regular basis, and this site is probably proof positive of that, but I thought this was pretty hilarious, so I shared it with two of my coworkers, and we three made a number of jokes at this poor person's expense:

"So, btw, I'm single, and..."
"So, does this mean you think my voice is cute?"
"So, does this affect your career, given that you've already dated one fellow media relations officer...?"
"Do you think it isn't that she's busy, it's just that she's ignoring his calls?"
"So, that's my ex-girlfriend, and btw, we used to have sex..."
"We had sex on my couch several times, and I still have the couch if you wanted to know..."
"The couch matches the drapes..."

Doesn't quite translate as well, but we certainly had fun with it. :)

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