I believe I may have set a new record low for stupidest things I've ever had an argument about (although the fight I had with my then-best friend in grade six or so over the proper spelling of lose vs. loose probably comes close): last night I had an argument about whether or not I've completely ruled out having someone come on my face as an activity I would allow to happen.

Sometimes I just hate having someone tell me what I would or wouldn't like, I guess.


Carl said...

Which side of the facial spunk debate did you maintain?

The Lose-Loose debate is not silly but it does seem like your sixth grade argument presaged your future, eh?

What are you writing lately?

Jen said...

I maintained that under the right circumstances, I would allow it. He said I'd completely ruled it out and would never let it happen.

As for what I'm writing lately, not a whole lot. I've been running around in the afternoons a fair bit, which is good and bad. :P